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DF Investor Application

Welcome, thank you so much for your consideration.

I am a solo-technical founder, with a small team, looking for independent and imaginative investors ready and wanting to build a more beautiful and more inclusive world.

First off, let's get to the ROI.

I'm opening up 5% for $54,000; I'm looking for investors with the following qualities:

  • First impulse is to give.
  • Seek to build relationships
  • Are domain experts in their field

You will be part of the steering committee that creates this venture.

What's the money for?

The initial funds will be used to either purchase, or update purchased, land. A GoFundMe is being run concurrently to this campaign.

Within the living space, the kitchen and workshops, lights will be outfitted appropriate for recording. While additional funds set aside to build additional housing.

These are the foundations for the school from which all other projects will spring forth.

All buildings will have a sustainability focus, while the land on which the buildings reside, will be curated into a food forrest.

Additional funds will be used to add songs to idioke's song library; songs in both Spanish and English.

Lastly, some funds will be used to make sure that our chosen development stack is well prepared for scaling.

The remainder will be placed used for create and fortify the business entity of DreamFreely Ventures.

What is DFV?

DFV is the future parent company for the Culture Clap's various projects, which included, but are not limited to, the following:

Though we are focusing on two primary products to begin generating cyclical income.

Cyclical income is income derived from a simple product, with few moving parts, and so more easily scaled and maintained.

Rebel Coding is an entry-level program that introduces shell coding, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python and basic web application building.

idioke is a series of programs designed to improve user pronunciation skills of their target language.

While there are known markets for each of these products, our primary strength is in our specifity.

With Rebel Coding we are specifically serving individuals at the intersection of web development, web scraping/data and civic engagement.

With idioke we are openly focusing on pronunciation skills with grammar as a close secondary focus.

Who is Culture Clap?

My "name" is Canin Carlos Apriori-Mendoza; though I've had quite a few government names over the years. Adoption taking it's toll.

Which, admittedly, has formed a unique disposition within me as well. Though one well suited to the task at hand.

Long story short, I now live in my country of birth Colombia.

I've been teaching English for the past few years, professionally; and I've been working, employed on-and-off as a developer for the past 10 years, or so. While constantly toiling away at my own products.

Teaching English has enabled me to focus on these projects even more; and so this formal request for financial and advisory support is being made.

What is the process?

After your initial deposit you'll be directed to a page with two links; the first is to an Interest Inventory via a Google Form. The second link is to a Calendly booking page.

There are 25 applications available, vying for five initial spots.

All applicants will be eligible for profit sharing, and be the first notified of further investment opportunities.

If you have any questions, please feel welcome to reach out!