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idioke is the side-project that became a centerpiece.

What started as a test to see if I could build an app in a week, fermented into a new way to teaching languages, that focuses on pronunciation first.

Cyclical how?

idioke Daily is the initial product; comprised of a four-week program, delivered through WhatsApp.

Monday thru Friday, one English lesson and one tongue-twister sent. Students are encouraged to reply with their attempt to replicate the tongue-twister. Instructors will them provide guidance for improvement.

Over 60 lessons have been outlined, with over 40% of these lessons written. These lessons and more are maintained in a database, and can interface with platforms such as Twilio to automate the daily messages.

And this is just the beginning.

Next steps ...

There is an alpha version of the idioke mobile application still available on Google Play.

Enhancements have been made to this application to enable users to submit their own recordings for songs and tongue twisters.

the idioke library of songs needs to be increased; though this is secondary to writing and formating the coursework for idioke Daily.

Extension ...

This format is applicable for most any language; and so we hope to continually add more languages.