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The land I've been looking at is about 20+ acres, and priced around $15-23,000USD.

The plan is to put no more than eight additional dwellings on the land; the remainder curated as a food forrest.

Additionally, we will seek to be as energy neutral as possible. Other projects and research is occuring concurrently regarding optimal technology set-ups.

Cyclical how?

We will be producing the vast majority of our own food, and using primarily passive energy sources (solar, water, & wind).

Additionally, we will turn our experiences into educational material; while working with local artisans and experts to bolser the quality of our information.

Canin is already teaching English solely online; Rebel Coding expands upon the virtual educational offerings, as do additional idioke products.

Additional dwellings ...

These serve are for English students seeking a more immersive English experience; and for aspiring English teachers.

We will provide space for each to stay while acclimating to a new language, and possibly new culture.