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Rebel Coding

Rebel Coding is the little digital instruction manual that can and will. Flanked by a well-known and in-demand technologies, hauling an open-source, in-production, in-use application. Rebel Coding lives up to its name.

Cyclical how?

The initial program is an eight-step program students can walk through independently, using a Rebel Labs JupyterHub Account; and other community resources.

Built on-top of this are layers of weekly class time, as well as 1-on-1 coaching time, that indivuals can purchase.

The core entry-content is relatively stable, requiring few updates; though the content that is able to built off of this core content is ever-expanding.

Regardless, at scale the entry level one-month course can be sustainably taught by junior developers; while more advanced courses taught by more advanced technicians.

Next steps ...

Applications are open for the October cohort. A small investment will be made to transfer the JupyterHub from a personal server, to the cloud.

Marketing is now the focus.

Expansion ...

Rebel Coding's curriculum users web scrapers as a specific entry-point to Python, as it also allows us to dove tail the ScreamFreely project into our curriculum. This in turn provides an opportunity for developers to contribute a scraper to an open-source project.

ScreamFreey's projects being built around the OpenStates project as well.

The expansion step is to offer our curriculum to community organizations, along with 16 week trainings to trainer community coding instructors who can community coding classes to their community.